PlatformPlus can provide an IT Strategy and Roadmap.

As part of our IT advisory service, we provide IT Strategy and Roadmap guidance. Any execution of an IT strategy or roadmap needs to:

  • Be aligned with your business strategy and objectives
  • Have a realistic timeline and resource schedule

  • Have a realistic cost associated on approach, stages, and gates
  • A great move for your Health Business – not just for now but also for the future!
  • Helping you run your Health Business while we manage and execute your IT strategy !

Our Mission

Best Practice IT Services and Support for the Primary Health Sector.

As an industry expert, it all starts with alignment with your business strategy and objectives. We will cover off the short to long term initiatives and technology roadmap and lifecycle.

A key component in ability to support the business is its adherence to best practices, such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Getting this right requires expertise in IT best practices and more so understanding the requirements of the health sector.

With good IT Governance, an effective communications plan, and roadmap metrics, we can ensure that any execution of an IT roadmap against the IT strategy meets the objectives of the business requirements.

Talk to us today on how we can help you work through this. Rather than contracting a “consultant” who doesn’t understand your business or sector, use PlatformPlus as we not only create your IT strategy with you, but execute it. We have skin in the game and are accountable for the outcomes.

Know IT, design IT, deliver IT – We are accountable end to end.

Helping you run your Health Business – while we manage and execute your IT Strategy!

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